Regional Justice Information Service

REJIS is a government entity created to provide information technology services to the public sector. REJIS was founded in 1976 under a cooperative agreement between St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. Our criminal justice and government customers, totaling nearly 250 different agencies, are concentrated in the metropolitan St. Louis and southwest Illinois areas, but can also be found throughout Missouri and in some states outside Missouri and Illinois. Our services include the development of custom applications and web designs, online and batch processing, installation and support of custom and commercially-available software, systems integration, custom interfaces, facility management, data center outsourcing, reselling of commercially-available hardware and software, access to remote data bases, networking, training and help desk support.

On behalf of their client agencies REJIS also provides fee-based services to other governmental agencies and the private sector. Members of The Missouri Bar Association use a service called MoBar Net, members of the private security community may use a service called PS Net and other governmental agencies can use a service called GA Net.

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